Why You Need To Celebrate Your Relationship Failures

The Shortcut To Relationship Success

Nate Bagley
4 min readApr 12, 2022

On the podcast The Secret to Victory, Domonique Foxworth interviews some of the top athletes in the world like Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, and Kyle Schwarber about one thing…


In one episode he talks to Peyton Manning about setting the NFL record for most interceptions thrown in a season by a rookie and how he was able to move forward from that to win 2 Super Bowls.

In another, he talks to Kyle Schwarber about blowing out his knee early on in the baseball season, and how his time spent in recovery prepared him to help the Chicago Cubs win the World Series and break the longest curse in sports history (71 years).

It’s fascinating to hear how the best athletes in the world have used their biggest failures and struggles as preparation for their greatest accomplishments.

It’s obvious that without their struggles, their victories would NEVER have taken place.

I know this principle doesn’t only exist in sports. It also plays out in every other aspect of life……



Nate Bagley

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