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I’m the creator of the Growth Marriage Podcast ( My mission in life is to rid the world of mediocre love.

A hopeful plea to the Church’s faithful

Christ comforts Mary and Martha with outstretched arms.
Christ comforts Mary and Martha with outstretched arms.

Preface: I feel it’s important to note that I consider myself a nuanced/progressive Church member. I wrote this article to create empathy and build bridges, not to harm or attack anyone’s faith.

Since I was a kid I’ve heard active members of the church complain that people, “Leave the church…

Where to draw the line between accountability and apostacy

It’s a question I’ve been thinking about for a LONG time.

“Church leaders are imperfect and human…”

But does that mean they cannot (or should not) be held accountable for their actions?

Does that mean they shouldn’t be held to a higher standard?

And does that mean they are undeserving…

How To Calm Down and Reconnect

I didn’t even realize how much anxiety was subtly wrecking my relationship until I read Dr. Kathleen Smith’s book, Everything Isn’t Terrible: Conquer Your Insecurities, Interrupt Your Anxiety, and Finally Calm Down.

Dr. Smith’s book helped me realize that I’ve developed extremely effective anxiety coping mechanisms that kept me confronting…

Last year my wife had tears in her eyes as she watched The Mandalorian season one finale with me.

We just found out we’d had a miscarriage.

We had been trying to have a baby for a while, and the heartbreak of losing what we expected to be our first…

Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy designed to make the practitioner more resilient, happier, more virtuous, courageous, and wise.

Some of history’s greatest leaders were Stoics: Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelst, and more recently, people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Brady, Bill Clinton, and prominent author Ryan Holiday.

This is hard to share with you…

I was raised being TERRIFIED of porn.

Because porn is like a “drug.”

“It’s addicting.”

“It ruins marriages.”

“It ruins lives.”

I was told that if I looked at porn I might turn into a rapist.

Or at the very least, no woman would ever want to marry me.


The Path to A More Equitable Relationship

I just hung up the phone with a good friend of mine. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him so in love, or so excited.

He’s not married, but he’s dating this awesome girl. They’re early enough in their relationship that things are still fresh and exciting, but they’ve been…

3 Tips From a Narcissism Expert

Do you think your husband is a narcissist?

When you first met him, he was extremely likable.

He was charismatic, charming, and flirtatious.

Everyone who met him immediately liked him… and you felt like the luckiest girl in the world that he chose you.

Then, over time, things started to…

There’s no other path to a meaningful life

I hate working out…

My lungs burn. Sometimes I feel like puking. And the next day I’m sore.

…But I love the results of a strong body.

I hate cleaning the kitchen…

Getting the gunk off the dishes. Wiping down the countertops and sweeping the floors. …

Their marriage failure can help you succeed in yours…

Last week, New York Times bestselling author, Rachel Hollis, and her husband announced they are getting a divorce. (Here’s a link to the post.)

Why should you care?

Because whether you follow, admire, hate, or are completely oblivious to who the Hollises are, there are some lessons to be…

Nate Bagley

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